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 When Are You Cured:


Physical Distancing: 


Weight Gain in Stress:


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Autoimmune Complications:


Everything Is Closed:


DO NOT TAKE Aquarium Cleaner Choloroquin:


Items That Kill The Virus:


Virus Stability:


Basic Info on CoronaVirus:


 Proper Handwashing Tips:


Social Distancing Extended Until April 30th:


CoronaVirus – Increased Panic: 


Conspiracy Theories:


 The Numbers Lie:


The Requirements of Testing:


Mechanisms Of Lung Problems:




Loss of Smell New Side Effect?:


Treatment of CoronaVirus:


The Week That Changed History:



Crestor May Help With CoronaVirus:


March 20th Update:




Safety At Our Office:


Things That DO NOT Work For CoronaVirus:


Italy Woes:


Weather Changes Affect CoronaVirus:


STOP Shaking Hands:


Prevention Of CoronaVirus:


Office Procedures:


How Long Does The Virus Stay Alive?:


Resistance Of Getting CoronaVirus A Second Time:


March Sadness:


1,000 Cases In The US:


First Case In Ohio:


Death Rate By Age:


Disease’s That Are High Risk for CoronoaVirus: 


Proper Handwashing:


Symptoms of CornoaVirus:


CoronaVirus 3/9/2020 Update:


CoronaVirus Update 3/1/2020